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June 29, 2019 Warea Tract

The Warea Tract in east Lake County is a small parcel with a high biodiveristy of listed plants and limited public access.  Passionflower, Lake Beautyberry, and Tarflower FNPS Presidents (yes, three chapter Presidents!) and members helped Florida Forestry on June 29, 2019 by pulling non-native Natal Grass (a Cat I invasive).  The collected plants and seeds will be disposed of by “cooking” them in the black plastic garbage bags used for collecting, and then placing them in the regular trash.  Blooming plants observed included Stylisma abidita (dawnflower  - a tiny white morning-glory type flower that is a listed species), Skullcaps, and Roselings.  Although the Warea are yet to bloom, the group was told that plants collected at this site will be planted at Lake Louisa State Park and other conservation areas later this year.

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