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July 22. 2020 Weedology 101

Janine Griffiths, a landscape designer and owner of GreenThumb,Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, entertained and informed Passionflower members and supporters on July 22nd with her Weedology presentation.  She covered a lot of ground including the history of weeds, weeding techniques and tools, and weeding psychology.  Her practical Weeding Wisdom:

  • Removing weeds by hand is always more effective than with chemicals.
  • Pull weeds when they are seedlings, before they flower and disperse seeds or deadhead them before they go to seed.
  • Pull weeds out by their roots – gently, but firmly so you get the whole root.
  • Know what kind of weed you are removing so you can use the right technique.
  • Think of weeding as therapy – a mindful opportunity to get to know your garden and plants.
  • There is no such thing as a weed-free garden, just a weed-controlled garden.

For weed identification Janine recommended several resources including a free guide which you can download along with the program handout from our Resources page. 

If you missed the program, there's a recording Weedology 101 Recording  7-22-20.


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