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March 10, 2021 - Legislation and Talking Points for Native Landscaping

UF/IFAS FFL Program Statewide Florida-Friendly Communities Coordinator, Clair Lewis, spoke to Passionflower members and supporters on March 10th.  Her presentation included very interesting (and sometimes surprising) research and focus group data about water usage, yard task labor, and landscape preferences developed for educational activities with homeowners, developers, HOAs, and landscaping companies.  She also shared some of the features of the updated UF/IFAS website including a very useful Florida-Friendly Plant Guide (which includes a lot of native plants and allows searching by zip code and plant form) and tips (and layouts) for Butterfly Gardens and identifying butterflies.  Some of the educational materials Claire mentioned are posted on our Resources Page.

One conclusion of the research Claire presented was that concern focused on maintenance, not just the type of plants.  Our program on Saturday, May 8th will address "Maintaining a Florida Native Yard".

Your can watch the Legislation and Talking Points for Native Landscaping recording if you missed the program.

February 13, 2021 - Creating Harmony with Natives and HOAs

Kirsten Sharp-Ortega, Passionflower Member and Designer and Co-Owner of My Dragonfly Gardens spoke to the chapter about Creating Harmony with Natives and HOAs.  Her program focused on design fundamentals, how to create visual interest and a neat look, and maintenance considerations,  Throughout she talked about specific native plants appropriate for this area - how they grow and look during different seasons and the care they need - with an emphasis on wildlife value.  So this presentation is a must for anyone looking for plant suggestions for an existing or new garden.  If you missed it or want to watch again use this link Creating Harmony with Natives and HOAs.


January 13, 2021 - Native Plants for Florida Gardens

For Passionflower's first program of 2021, Stacey Matrazzo from the Florida Wildflower Foundation took the guesswork out of using many native plants in urban and naturalistic residential landscaptes.  Stacey's presention included detailed information on site conditions, growing season, range, lifespan, bloom season, growth habit, propagation, planting, care, and tips for growing a a selection of species from her book, Native Plants for Florida Gardens.

If you missed the program you can watch the Native Plants for Florida Gardens recording.


November 14, 2020 - Grasses, Sedges and Rushes

On November 14th restoration ecologist, botanist, and horticulturist Nancy Bissett shared her knowledge about Grasses, Sedges and Rushes with Passionflower members and supporters. Nancy explained how these attractive and useful native plants have a lot to recommend them - they provide structure and an interesting accent in wildflower gardens, make a great groundcover in open, dry areas, are low maintenance, stabilize soil, provide seeds and shelter for wildlife, and many are larval hosts for butterflies and moths. Most attendees were familiar with pink muhly grass; however Nancy described and showed gorgeous pictures of a lot of other species.  You can watch the recorded Grasses, Sedges and Rushes program.


October 22, 2020 - Warea Census

Clasping Warea (Warea amplexifolia) is a delicately beautiful, endangered plant endemic to sandhill habitat in Central Florida.  Only eight populations of this species remain in Marion, Lake, Polk and Osceola counties.  One of those populations is at the Warea Tract in Clermont where Passionflower members joined volunteers from FNPS, Forest Service, and other organizations to conduct a census


October 18, 2020 - Trunk or Treat Plant Adoption Event

Feeling the need to get out from behind our computers and see our fellow native plant enthusiasts (even if in a parking lot and masked), we had a Trunk or Treat Plant Adoption event for Native Plant Month.  Over 100 plants grown by our members were given away free to help members and supporters keep busy in their gardens without impacting their budgets.  Thanks especially to our awesome event staffers and plant donors: David Biega, Karin Biega, Diane Roesch, Pam Adams, Denise Palermo, Dot Rogers, Kirsten Sharp-Ortega, Donna Bingaman, and Kathy Peres.


September 12, 2020 - What Does FNPS Do?

The Passionflower Chapter was honored to host Valerie Anderson, FNPS Communications Director, presenting an online program to answer the question "What Does FNPS Do?"  Valerie talked about initiatives in the five areas FNPS focuses on: Conservation, Land Management, Education, Policy, and Research including how FNPS funds and supports conservation projects, the acquisition, restoration, and management of conservation lands, research into rare and endangered native plants, and lobbying.  With  partners and supporting organizations, FNPS has a lot going on to preserve, conserve, and restore Florida's native plants and native plant communities! 

Watch the recorded program to learn more about What Does FNPS Do?


August 19, 2020 Gopher Tortoise Program

On August 19th, over 65 people met online to hear FWC’s Northeast Region biologist, Samantha Cobble, talk about gopher tortoises.  Samantha educated the group about gopher tortoise biology and behaviors, showed some videos (including one following a tortoise into its burrow), explained how we can help gopher tortoises (including by planting the native plants they need to supply the vitamins and nutrition they need to stay healthy), and answered a lot of questions.

If you missed the program or want to see it again, watch the Gopher Tortoise Program recording.

Download the Northeast Region Gopher Tortoise Plant List to learn about forage plants.

Visit the FWC website for more information and plant lists from other regions.


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